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Ace Deuce provides fast and affordable bail bond solutions. Our experienced bail bond agents make sure you are quickly released from legal troubles. Count on us to handle your bail needs with efficiency and professionalism. Don’t wait; get in touch today to secure your freedom.

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About us

Ace Deuce, with over years of experience, is your trusted partner for Legal Assistance in California. We’ve helped many clients to get out of jail fast. We specialize in different types of bail bonds like DUI bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds, and many more. 

Our team is available 24/7 because we understand that legal problems don’t follow a schedule. We’re known for being reliable and professional. 

When you’re in a tough spot, Ace Deuce is the bail bond agency you can rely on to guide you through the Legal Assistance process and get you out of jail quickly and easily.

About us


At Ace Deuce, we offer a comprehensive range of professional and affordable Legal Assistance solutions to address your legal needs.

Cash-Only Solution

We offer a Cash-Only Solution, a straightforward bail option. We accept cash payments to secure your release from custody. Our bail bond solutions are simple, making it easy for you to handle bail without credit cards or checks.

Surety Bonds Services

Surety Bonds Services make life easier. We offer a promise to help with obligations like contracts or legal stuff. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, we’re here to give you the support you can trust. Our bonds mean you don’t have to worry, and you can follow the rules.

Attorney Bail Bond Services

Trust our Attorney Bail Bond Services professionals to secure your release from jail. Our experienced team specializes in navigating the legal complexities of bail bonds. We offer expert counsel, ensuring your rights are protected and the best possible outcome.

Immediate Release Services

Gain your freedom swiftly with our Immediate Release Services. We understand the urgency when you or a loved one faces jail time. We work fast to secure your release from Legal Assistance. We specialize in various bail bonds and provide trusted and reliable support.

Bail Bond Services

Get comprehensive Bail Bond Services to regain freedom after an arrest. With years of experience, we understand the legal system inside out. Choose us to navigate the complexities and ensure a smooth release so you can focus on your legal matters.

DUI Bail Bonds Services

Our DUI Bail Bonds Services are designed to get you out of jail quickly and easily. We provide a trusted way for people to leave jail without paying a lot upfront. This way, they can deal with their legal problems while waiting for their trial.

Online Bail Bond Services

Get your loved one out of jail affordably with our online bail bond services. We’re available 24/7 to help you through the entire process, from getting a free quote to posting the bail bond. We offer a variety of payment options and discounts to make it easier to afford a bail bond.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Choose our Domestic Violence Bail Bonds for swift and confidential bail bonds for domestic violence cases. Our experienced bail bondsmen understand the seriousness of the situation and will guide you professionally. We are available 24/7 to help you in this difficult time.

Warrant Check Services

Having unresolved warrants can cause sudden legal problems. Our expert bail bond leaders quickly check for any warrants against you. Stay informed and take action with our easy warrant check process. Ensure your legal status is clear with Ace Deuce’s Warrant Check Services.

Credit Card Bail Services

Ace Deuce offers convenient Credit Card Bail Services. Use your credit card to secure your release from jail. Our simple process lets you pay with ease, eliminating the need for cash. Trust Ace Deuce for a hassle-free way to handle Legal Assistance using your credit card.

24-Hour Bail Bonds Services

Count on Ace Deuce for 24-hour Bail Bonds Services. Day or night, we’re here to assist you in getting out of jail quickly and efficiently. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the legal system, we offer reliable support for various bail cases.

Why Choose Our Legal Assistance

Why Choose Our Legal Assistance

Choose Ace Deuce for your bail bond needs because we prioritize your freedom and peace of mind.

  • Experience That Counts: We have more than a decade of experience in bail bonds. We know the ropes and can help you quickly.
  • Trusted by Many: Lots of professionals and regular folks trust us.
  • Digital Experts: We’re good with digital stuff, so we make things easy for you, whether it’s online bail or digital support.
  • Affordable Services: Our help won’t cost you a fortune. We give you great service without breaking the bank.
  • Understand Your Situation: We take time to understand your unique situation and legal needs so we can help you better.
  • Easy to Work With Our Legal Assistance team is friendly and easy to talk to.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us for personalized help. Our expert staff is here to assist around the clock. Reach out now to start resolving your Legal Assistance with confidence and ease.


Client Reviews: The Proof of Our Excellence

I had a lot of questions, and Ace Deuce patiently answered them all. They made everything so easy and helped us get my brother out of jail fast. Can't thank them enough!”

James S

I had no idea what to do when I got arrested for DUI. Ace Deuce walked me through the whole process. They were like supportive friends during a tough time.”

Christopher J

I can't thank Ace Deuce enough for their prompt response. They got my husband out of jail in the middle of the night. Truly a 24/7 lifesaver!

Sarah Z